RE: BBBlue and ArduCopter 4.0 w/ Receiver Working on Servo Headers


I have a bbblue and I have, on numerous occasions, tried to get ArduCopter to fly this bbblue around.

Although it is satisfying working on the issues pertaining to the bbblue and ArduPilot, sometimes it gets complicated.



Do the servo headers on the BBBlue on Copter-4.0 power the receivers in question?


P.S. On 3.6, I had the receiver powered via the servo header on the bbblue. Now, w/ 4.0, I am getting no errors but receiving no output power on the BBBlue any longer. The only thing that has changed is some PRU source for testing and the Copter versioning.


There were some strange behaviors on the BBBlue recently w/ the ArduPilot/Copter-4.0/1 usage.

Now, I can power my receiver via the Servo Headers.


P.S. I had to write a shell script to handle the gpio that enables the Servo Headers power on/off.