RCx_OPTION proximity behavior in RTL

Hi everyone,

on my crawler rover (FW custom server 4.2.1) with TF Luna lidar, I have set RCx_40 Object Avoidance and it is working quite well. However, if with RCx_40 I exclude Object Avoidance, in RTL mode Object Avoidance remains active.
is this a desired behavior as RTL does not have the control of the human pilot? Or is it a problem not considered?
So even if I exclude with the radio switch, when the rover is in RTL object avoidance it will still be active. is the behavior correct?

FC of my rover is an old Omnibus F4 1MB, the F4 processor on a rover is sufficient to use Object Avoidance Dijkstra’s with BendyRuler together?

@rmackay9 Randy, please remember to put a simple note on the wiki that object avoidance necessarily requires gps coverage to work? Thank you!

These are my OA parameters with only one TF luna lidar in the front position. I did some bendy ruler tests yesterday and the rover is very (too) hesitant. He stops long before deciding which way to go, how can I improve? Thank you