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RCOUT telemetry question

On an s900 hex, I see rcout2 (left motor) maxed, and rcout1 (right motor) as min value. Is this an indication of a failed motor or esc?

2016-11-07 (4.0 MB)

If in level flight that’s a possibility.

Yes, if you look at logs, you’ll see it’s in level flight. 2(left motor) quits, 1(right) is driven low, and it does 1 1/2 rolls before settling into an almost steady descent of 7m/s, with 1 & 2 min/maxed as indicated. The problem is, this has been observed several times, on several helis. The crashes aren’t typically severe enough to prevent testing afterwards, and at least three times, the suspect ESC/motor runs fine. Frustrating. Could it be possible what’s going to the esc is not what rcout indicates?

Same ESC/motor combo each time?

DJI S900 motors/esc’s every time.

What I mean, is it the same motor/esc doing it.

I have found a second log with the same apparent motor/esc failure… but this was a different heli.

21 1-1-1980 12-00-00 AM.bin (520 KB) I am bench testing a quad with no props.
Pixhawk 2.1
12S battery
T motor Alpha ESCs
P80 motors
the signal output for motor 2 was always lower than others when I increased the throttle.
I put some spacers between the FC and PDB and increased the distance and now motor 3 has the lowest output signal and not following the pattern of others.
Can someone please help? is this a problem? Can it be due to magnetic interference? and if so , how can I resolve it?

21 1-1-1980 12-00-00 AM.bin (520 KB)

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