Rcou ... do we have a bad motor!

Today we had a very stable and nice flight. But it was raining (light rain), and we landed safely. Then we tested again, after putting a new batteries, but it wasn’t stable at all! The Rcout C5 wasn’t working most of the time. Luckily, when our pilot pressed the “Land” button, the UAV landed safely.

Here’s the flight data… is it a faulty motor or ecs?

Motor 6 is producing no thrust so Motor 5 is commanded low to compensate. It’s not clear what the problem is ESC or Motor. This cannot always be determined from the log.

You are running old firmware on mostly default parameters. Suggest you update and start with the Initial Parameter Setup screen in Mission Planner’s Mandatory Hardware before advancing.

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Dear Dave…
-I really appreciate your help and your guidance, and you are right! Motor 6 has a problem with the connections (bullet connectors), and motor 5 tried to compensate with motor 6.
-We cannot update to 4.3.2 since, for some reason, we couldn’t get RC signals from Herelink and the client wants to use Herelink badly.

I would not recommend the use of bullet connectors. They are a common point of failure, use soldered connections.

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Yeah, the first thing will be done tomorrow! We will double check all connectors, PDB, and PMU.

I was just looking for a reason for HereLink not working, but I see this too
ARMING_CHECK,0 ← set to 1

For Herelink you could try setting
to only look for SBUS instead of everything.

There’s some other tuning things that need doing too

  • INS_ACCEL_FILTER,20 ← can safely be set to 10
  • Connect to MissionPlanner, Initial Parameters
  • Harmonic Notch Filter, probably with FFT since you have a CUAV X7
  • Autotune

Let us know if you need help.

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Dear shawn

Thank you for your valuable input. I will install 4.3.2 firmware and try to connect it to herelink following your instructions. Luckily I have another x7 pro set aside so I can test them out.

For arming check… Yeah it was 1 but We couldn’t arm the vehicle… It says ch3 is not neutral although the throttle stick is all the way down! Unfortunately we had very limited flight time window so I had to disable the arming check and fly the bird.