RCMAP_THROTTLE does not reassign channel in radio calibrate

I have a radio already setup with lots of mixes and throttle is on channel 1. Moving all the channels would be a lot of work
I plugged it to my pixhawk via SBUS, so I can’t move channels around by swapping cables.

I told APM that throttle is channel with RCMAP_THROTTLE set to 1.

However when I go to radio calibration in mission planner (windows) or APM planner (linux) both show throttle moving ‘roll’ and not ‘throttle’ (and the other channels being similarly mismapped).
Is it a known problem that the radio calibration ignores channel remappings?


you can track a fix for the issue here github.com/diydrones/apm_planner/issues/426

Thanks for your answer, Tridge told me the same thing yesterday.
For now, just to be safe, I swapped all my channels and complicated mixes (glider with crow flaps) to match the APM default to make sure I don’t hit any other bug due to channel mapping.

Hi, I do have a fix. Just double check the RCx_REV parameters are set as expected, as I fixed that also (x being the channel number)