RCin Sbus not detected in herelink

We have been trying to connect the RC-in Sbus1 to the Pixhawk cube orange. But the Herelink controller shows ''0 channels detected, to operate PX4, you need 5 channels". Our radio is not detected even we tried all the combinations of the parameter related to RSSI, RC_PROTOCOLS . Suggest us what we have to do next for solution. one of the reply stated that “you may need to set a parameters to SBUS instead of RSSI”. can anybody please tell the exact parameter to be changed in the mission planner/QGC.

Hello @Jatin_Vanjara

If you are using PX4 Firmware in your drone, this is not the correct place to look for help. Here you will find support for Ardupilot Firmware instead.

Try posting your questions here: https://discuss.px4.io/