RC9 doesn't work if another AUX channel set to 33

Hi there,
I have a problem with my Landing gear setup. Will be appreciate for the help.
Here 's description of the problem: I have a Pixhawk 2 from the first batch and because of it’s issue with ch1 I remapped it to AUX6 (RC14 function 33).
Also I have Landing gears connected to AUX1 (RC9) but it works ONLY in case RC14 settings is “0”. Same story happens with all other AUX channels - Landing gear stop working after setting “33” to any of AUX. So I can’t use function 33 and Landing gear simultaneously and need to connect my Lgear directly to receiver which is very sad…
Could you tell me - is this problem associated with Pixhawk 2 issue or there’s something wrong in other things ?
I attached 2 logs with function 33 enabled and disabled.

fw - Arducopter co-Octa 3.4.6
receiver - FrSky X8R binded as 16ch

Regards, Kirill

RC14_set_to_0.log.zip (439.2 KB)
RC14_set_to_33.log.zip (514.3 KB)


I usually don’t ask people to try beta versions, but can you try 3.5-rc5? I think this problem might be fixed with that version.

:slight_smile: OMG ! Last two days I spent in re-flashing firmware and at last got tuned up everything. One more flashing/calibration and so on… Ok, I will do it tomorrow (I hope), just wanna test my bird in flight first.
I’m not sure about flying on beta - my setup is 1000mm co-octa, so it worth much money and efforts for me :wink: Will check beta on ground and then flash 3.4.6 back

Yeah, no need to fly it with beta, just testing if this use case works or not.

Another one guy that using 3.5.0-rc4 meet the similar issue - https://www.facebook.com/groups/pixhawk2/permalink/1305974872818465/

Tell him to update to latest beta and try.

Results from other guy that have the similar issue:

I have upgraded the fw ac3.5.0rc4 to rc6. Unfortunately nothing changed. Pass-through channels is not working to me, excepted ch12 (aux4). The other 3 channels 9 to 11) the signal line is always in zero (observed in a digital scope). However these 3 channels responde normally when commanded via “servo tab” on the flight data screen. My MP was updated to 1.3.48 as well… please any help will be very appreciated.