RC9-14 Trim output is not in working correctly

Hi all,

can you fix this?
Log link below and I can get you way more logs, but it all shows the same and since I saw no fix in the release notes I thought I will put it inhere.

on RC9-14

If RCx_TRIM = 1500 (or anything else) AND RCx_FUNCTION=0 the output PWM is 0.
I believe it should be 1500 in this case. (i have to manually set before each flight from MP)

If RCx_TRIM = 1500 (or anything else) AND RCx_FUNCTION=10 the output PWM is correct

In the Arduplane 3.5 version it works like it should so it should be an easy fix…

More to the background:
it is an X8 copter
on RC9 i have the cam trigger
on RC10 cam shut down+zoom reset
on RC11 cam zoom in+out
on RC12 cam other camra control function
on RC13 cam gimbal tilt


any comments on this matter, guys?