RC7 LeddarOne Rangefinder system fail

First I guess I should ask if this device has truly been added to the firmware - if not disregard.

If it is:
Upon testing mine, (set Serial1_Protocol = 9 - Lidar, and Rngfnd_Type = 12, I get correct readings, everything seems ok except the whole FC goes haywire otherwise.
Telemetry to a teensy stops, mavlink radio telem is sketchy, GPS lock is very very slow, and unstable, compasses are unstable, it takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 seconds to arm motors.

Unhooking it does nothing. Left unhooked, everything is still crazy. Changing the rngfnd_type to any other type fixes it.
Logs show many Err: 24-1, then clear, the 24-1, then clear.


Sorry for the troubles. If you’ve got a dataflash log that would be good. It is supported although I haven’t test flown it myself.

Actually we’ve found the problem. I’m going to try and make a fixed version and then maybe you can retry it? What board/frame are you using?

Sorry bout that Randy I should’ve posted it.
No need for sorry…that’s how we learn. I just need to learn not to try flying when it obviously isn’t working :slight_smile:
And I’d be happy to test it.

I’m using a clone Pixhawk recent < 1yr old on Hexa Frame.

Let me know if you need more info I’ll have my browser up.

Ok great.
There’s actually two problems so a bit of restructuring of the driver is required so it might take a couple of days. The issue is clear though and is on the critical path now for the release.

Awesome…I’ve had this thing almost a year and was unable to figure out the interface to Pixhawk…assuming it was the modbus and my lack of knowledge with it that was hindering me… Arduino fine…Pixhawk not.

Thanks for looking into it and thanks to all for putting in support for it.

Great. You probably saw we went ahead with the AC3.4 release today. To keep it safe we’ve temporarily disabled the LeddarOne driver from AC3.4 but the fix will appear in the release candidate for AC3.4.1-rc1 which will be out soon.

Understood…too dangerous to just leave there.

I’m ready to try it out when you get changes made.

Thanks Randy.