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RC7 ... 10 OPT list box are empty

I didn’t used the quadcopter for long time, now updating the ground station application I found that the OPT list BOX for RC 7,8,9,10 are empty.

In the past a simular topic has been open “Copter Extended Tuning screen Ch7_OPT/Ch8 Opt update for Copter-3.7 #2070

please could someone check the topic ?

Best Regards

Try updating to latest Beta Mission Planner from the button on the Help Screen. Then you might see it working:

In fact anytime you see Non Operational buttons or menus in MP update to latest Beta.

Many thanks for the answer.

I consider solved the topic due to this : I installed Mission Planner on another PC all is working, may be the installation on the first PC isn’t good. I’ll try to uninstall, clean and re install.

Thanks again

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