RC6 -> SERVO9 IRIS+ Gimbal Control

All, I am attempting to set up 3DR IRIS+ Tarot gimbal for a friend, using my IRIS+. I have set RC6 to RC PASSTHRU and parameter SERVO9 (AUX 1) to passthru. I monitor AUX 1 with an oscilloscope (no gimbal on my IRIS), and there is no activity whatsoever.

When monitoring RC6 in MP, the PWM varies as I rotate the tilt knob on the IRIS+
controller, so that works. I also tested with SERVO9 set for TILT, no action…

Can anyone help with establishing the link between RC6 and Servo 9? Much appreciated!

Copter 4.2.1
MP 1.3.77 Build 1.3.8110.38294
3DR PX4 FC IRIS+ (fmuv2)


So it sounds like you’d like servo9 (aux1)'s output to be the same as the RC6 input? In which case set SERVO9_FUNCTION = RCIN6.

Thank you so much! Will hit it in the a.m.

CH 6 PWM now on AUX1. Thank you again!