RC5_OPTION parameter set to Unknown: 153

It appears I have ArduPilot Ver 4.5.0-dev. I wanted to set ch 5 as my arming switch. Per the docs I set to 153 but got unknown. I saw the ArmDisarm option in the pull down so I picked that which used id 41. Sadly when I reboot the flight controller the parameter is changed back to Unknown: 153 and arming does not work. Thx Jason
Screenshot from 2023-05-29 06-46-04

I’ve been using QGroundControl. This may of been my issue with Unknown 153. I’m a linux user so I started off with QGroundControl. I started a Windows virt machine and tried Mission Planner and I see no errors for RC5_OPTION id 153.

I hope you get an answer from an Expert soon.
I want ch 5 for arming for my next project too. But not be able to test yet.

Arming by ch5 on a switch is still not working. I’m using Mission Planner via a virtual machine and I unchecked all ARMING_CHECK boxes but Ch5 is still not getting the Armed Status to change to True?? I did verify Ch5 in the SETUP Radio Calibration. I see the slider move to 1000 and 2000 based on Transmitter switch. Arming by Rudder after 3s does work.

SOLVED! Version 4.5 latest development did not allow arming from RC5_OPTION id 153. I flashed older stable 4.3.5 and now arming from transmitter switch works for RC5_OPTION. I also enabled Rudder arm and it also works along side RC5. So now I have two ways to arm motor. I thought latest meant latest stable. I made assumption as I often see the term “nightly” used for what ardupilot calls “Latest”. Ugh! I wish the files names reflected the versions numbers.

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