RC3_TRIM Value: lowest or middle?


For all other RC channels, after RC calibration, I see that the MIN and MAX values for all channels correspond to the full channel Range, and the TRIM value corresponds to the centre.

However, I noticed the RC3_TRIM value I got after calibration is quite close to the MIN, instead of the center value of the channel. Is this intended?

2nd but related question: in my first flight with this new hexa it flew quite well in Stabilize, but when taking off in Loiter it failed to take-off and instead rolled onto its back. I notice now that the RC3_TRIM value at the time was near 1500, instead of neat the MIN. Would that explain that behaviour?

Thanks in advance

RC3 is throttle input so the value is expected.

Did you give it a chance to learn mid throttle by switching from stabilize to alt hold and increasing/decreasing throttle to match the two ?

Thank you for your reply! I am glad to know the value is expected

I flew for a while and MOT_THST_HOVER moved from 0.5 to a lower 0.33 (it is still flying without payload so I think this is normal) so I believe it had learned mid throttle yes. I will definitely test the transition from stabilize to alt hold; if I understand correctly, if MOT_THRST_HOVER is correct then when hovering in altitude hold then switching in stabilize the aircraft should not suddenly fall or jump up


I just fly stabilise to get a feel for it,then engage alt_hold and adjust the throttle so it hovers and then switch back to stabilize and adjust again if needed.Then it should be set.So switching between modes shouldn’t give any change in altitude.

A log can tell you if you have a barometer problem.