rc12 went bonkers

Hi all,

Anyone with good analysis skills help me here. Was testing rc12 and when I got just over 100ft in loiter it went crackers on me and flew away. Tried turning the ekf off, and tried putting into AltHold but no luck recovering it.

Dataflash and TelemLog both found here: beta.droneshare.com/vehicle/2703



Compass was completely bonkers, mate. Take a look at EKF3.IMX EKF3.IMY EKF3.IMZ

Are you sure you have COMPASS_ORIENT set correctly? It is set to 4, which is yaw180. Compass seems calibrated and there doesn’t seem to be motor interference.

I would suggest just using the EKF. It is far more robust. I won’t fly without it - I’ve written myself a prearm check that won’t let me arm until it is ready. Such a thing really needs to go into master.