RC11 (A11) reseting APM 2.5


I’ve got APM 2.5 and I’m trying to connect a 2 axis camera mount on it. I’ve done exactly what the wiki says about powering the servos from the OUTPUT connectors and just using the signal from ports RC11 and RC10.

I configured the hardware for TILT on RC11 and ROLL on RC10 on MissionPlanner. The checkboxes for “stabilization” are checked. In other words, everything should be wornking fine.

The problem is: when I try to connect the servo signal to RC11, the APM’s blue and red LEDS instantly stop blinking, and the serial communication with the PC is stopped. The board seems to be reseting, but the servos aren’t draining any current. They are static.

This happens only with RC11. RC10 it’s working fine (stabilizing roll and responding to R/C setpoint).

Does anybody knows what is happening?

My firmware is Quad Arducopter V3.0.1 and MissionPlanner V1.260 mav 1.0


I had a similar problem with I tried to use A11 for my RSSI Signal Input. When I had 3.3v on A11, the APM would not fully initialize.

I suspect something is using that line and its not well documented or my Google-Fu needs work tonight.

Another thing to check is that you are for sure on A11 and not the SPI connector, the labeling on the cases are slightly off.

I had the same issue… just because I followed the label but isnt placed on the correct place, just count them until you find the right spot :slight_smile: