RC won't calibrate

I’m a complete newb so please bear with me. I’ve searched the forums (fora?) for anyone else having this problem and can’t find it.

I’m trying to calibrate my RC gear in Mission Planner but nothing happens.

I’ve got inputs 1 - 5 on the APM (2.6) plugged into aileron, elev, throttle, rudder and aux 1 respectively on the receiver (Spektrum AR8000). The APM is getting power through the USB cable (LiPo unplugged).

The receiver has a single orange light on, so I assume that means it’s getting power from the APM inputs.

I’m selecting Mandatory Setup… > Radio Calibration in Mission Planner and following the instructions to max & min all of the controls but nothing seems to happen.

What am I missing?

Using the Terminal Mode, you can use the CLI to got to “setup” and then select “radio” and try the calibration there. If after the calibration, all of the channels show just 1500 you probably have a problem with your APM mux.
Is your APM2.6 a genuine 3DR product or a clone?

Thanks for the quick response, TCIII.

Just tried calibrating in terminal and nothing seemed to happen. I put the APM into test mode and then radio to check the input values and everything stubbornly stays at a value of 0.

It’s a 3DR APM, rather than a clone.

When plugged in via USB I get a solid blue light and flashing red, with a green light on the GPS port.

The servo leads from receiver to APM inputs are set so that the top pin on the receiver plugs into the S pin on the input.

I’m sure it’s something stupid I’ve done but I can’t figure out what.

The Spektrum AR8000 did not use the standard servo output pin configuration as other Spektrum receivers. I suspect that you have the radio servo inputs to the APM plugged into the ground terminal of each servo output. Look at the radio servo output configuration legend closely on the radio.

@TCIII - that was it! I inverted all of my servo leads and it’s working.

Knew it’d be something simple/stupid.

Thanks for the help.