RC Transmitter Flight Mode Configuration for DX8G2

Looking for help setting up Spektrum DX8G2 with 6 flight modes. Tried using the instructions does DX8 but it does not work. Can someone please spare a few minutes to help a fellow mission planner user out?



Clint, old post, but I wonder if you ever discovered how to do this as I am trying to do the same!


Hey, Allister ! thanks for the link, but I’ve tried that procedure for DX8 but I have a DX8 G2 which is not set up quite the same…I am sure it is close,

but I have not been able to get more than the 3 modes to work…still working on that… a bit confusing as they refer to the “flight mode” switch,

and the “gear switch” which is only a 2 pos switch … looks like both switches need to be 3 position??