RC-Timer Mini ArduFlyer V1.0 Servo Range

Hi Guys!

My apologies for bothering you guys, my name is Rick and I am quite new here. I have been playing around a lot with different versions of the Pixhawk Flight controller as well as APM’s and have come accross a new one called the Mini ArduFlyer.

Previously, using a companion computer such as the RPi on-board the vehicle along with Dronekit-python I have played with moving servo’s to achieve different functions. At this stage my setup is the same as always, however using a Pixhawk gives me full 180 degrees rotation using the Hitch HS-645MG servos, whereas the Mini ArduFlyer only gives me 90 degrees with the exact same setup.

I was wondering if you guys might have any tips or tricks that you could teach me?

I have opted to build a version of AC myself where I could tune some of the servo parameters but to no avail.

Here are some details:
–> AC Version 3.2.1
–> Companion Computer: RPi Zero
–> FC: Mini Arduflyer
–> Hitech HS-645MG servo
–> Servo is powered externally as per guides
–> Servo range is only 90, whereas using the pixhawk it gives 180 degrees.

In order to set the angle of the servo I use the MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO command with the PWM value ranging between 1000 and 2000. At 1000 it gives about 45 degrees and 2000 yields 135 degrees, even setting the RC10 and RC11 parameters to 800 minimum and 2200 maximum yields no extra range.

Please could someone maybe see if they could help, I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Best regards,