RC_REVERSED not working

Trying to reverse pitch and rudder by changing RC2_REVERSED and RC4_REVERSED from default 0 to 1 but there is no change in response in Radio Calibration window - green bars still moving the same direction.
Copter 3.5.7, MP 1.3.58

I believe I ran into this as well - but using APM Planner.

I don’t think the radio-cal updates directions with reverse. I do believe its a code thing only as I was reversing throttle and cal didn’t change. If you look at the status/messages underneath the HUD and look for the RC channel it should be reversed.

Is that a known issue? Can anyone else confirm?

Why don’t you reverse them in the radio?

I am not using one. Signal comes from a joystick signal converter plugged directly into ppm port.

Sorry, can’t help ya…

The directions reverse properly its just the display in the radio cal that isn’t correct. Did you confirm that in the first page of MP where you can see all the messages that it is reversed or not?

I believe in the radio-cal they display raw radio channels