RC Receiver with SMA Connectors for External Antenna

I am looking for an RC Receiver that attaches two antennas via SMA connectors. I need to mount the two antennas external to the aircraft, and connect the antenna to the RC Receiver via two SMA cables. I am currently using FrSky 2.4GHz Access Archer R8 Pro Receivers.

you just need to replace the antennas on your current receiver using a Ipex4 to RP-SMA adapter.

Would you please post a link to an appropriate ipex4 to RP-SMA adapter. Also, how should I remove the adhesive FrySky used to attached the antenna to the RC Receiver?

the adhesive is quite soft its just to stop it vibrating off, you can just disconnect the antennas.

im not sure where you are but somethign like this would work

With an Exacto knife or similar. This is done all the time after crashes, nothing to it.