RC Override Conflict (Safety Issue)

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This is going to be long so I apologise in advance, but pls take the time to read it since it may pose a safety risk…
I have been trying to setup my original Pixhawk 1 to work with a joystick through 4G network.
4G and companion computer are working nicely.

However I cannot seem to get the RC overrides to work correctly. It always seems like the RC keeps working even if Joystick is ENABLED

  • When Joystick is enabled with RC OFF it works like expected… I can see all inputs on the RC calibration tab. Also GCS failsafe works Fine.

  • When RC is ON and joystick is NOT enabled it again works like it should.

  • When Joystick is ENABLED and I turn on RC weird things start happening…
    Firstly it regains control and by-passes the override BUT ! (This is the dangerous part…) NOT entirely.
    On the RC calibration tab I can see the RC inputs but they momenterily (<1s) switch to the inputs of the Joystick! It seems like there is a conflict and BOTH RC and Joystic are simulatanusly sending commands to Pixhawk! This is very dangerous.

Another Issue that supports the existance of a simultaneous conflict is that when having the Joystick ENABLED and RC ON if I turn off the RC it sends pixhawk in an infinate loop between RC failsafe and Failsafe Cleared. Until I either disable the Joystick or turn on again the RC.
(This loop happens so fast that the FC may not trigger an actual failsafe but instead stay in a Limbo of no control!) Please take a look at the video (sound On):

I’m well aware that many people are using it without issues, but clearly there is something in my setup that triggers this behaviour, that should never -ever happen.

My setup: Pixhawk 1(AC 4.0.3) , Crossfire nano RX (On telemetry 2), Mission Planner 1.3.70 and 1.3.71, SYSID_MYGCS = 255

Lastly here’s my full Parameters file: X8_4.03uavcast_rctimerprops_3.param (18.3 KB)

Thanks in advance to all


What about ignoring RC failsafe

No difference, however I found that the loop issue happens only when using throttle value failsafe. Other than that I still can’t get the override to work correctly

I have exactly the same problem. Problem is a priority of connection, in /etc/default/ardu*** change your telemetry marker from -C to -A and connection for rc_override change to -C. It’s works for me.

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