RC Out (when zero) no longer displayed in Radio Calibration or Failsafe configuration

  • Mission Planner 1.3.68
  • Arduplane 3.9.8
  • Pixhawk 1 (HolyBro)
  • RC tested with FRSKY L9R SBUS & Spektrum satellite. Same results for both. Both receivers are set to 0 pulse

Both Failsafe and Radio calibration screens in Mission planner use a green bar to display RC receiver output. In older versions of Mission Planner the green bars would go to 0 if you turned off your RC transmitter. Now the green bars display last RC Out value when you turn off your RC transmitter - as if failsafe on the receiver is set to hold last. But this is not the case. I unplugged the receiver and Mission Planner continues to display last RC out. This makes it impossible to verify RC Receiver failsafe behavior in Mission Planner.

Bug maybe?