RC not calibrating in Copter 3.4+

I am working with Pixhawk from almost 8 months but never faced this issue.

the issue is that whenever I am updating my pixhawk firmware to copter 3.4 the RC is not getting detected during calibration in both mission planner and QGround control.

The same connection worked for all other copter versions but only showing issue with copter v3.4+.

My connection is like this:
Im using Futaba T14SG transmitter and Futaba R7008SB sbus/sbus2 receiver

Receiver SBUS(White wire on top) <–> Pixhawk’s RC IN (Black wire on top)

I have mailed regarding this to 3DR, and they replied to use regular sbus connection as sbus2 wont be supported further.
But i’m using the same sbus connection since then.

And even there is a port in pixhawk adjacent to RC IN known as SB(SBUS) but connecting to that does not powering on the receiver. I dont know what to do and how to do get the copter v3.4+ work in my Pixhawk since I want to use GUIDED_NOGPS feature for my project

Any help for this will be appreciated



I don’t have any knowledge of the Futaba systems, but, from what I’ve read from others in the forum, you can’t use a 12 channel mode and need to use a 14 channel mode. If you search in the forum, you’ll probably find out more.