RC not calibrated

The problem is that after connecting the battery to the S500 board, the motors make sounds but no calibration occurs, even after reconnecting the battery and holding the gas up on the remote control.
Apm 2.8 works well with APM Planner 2.0.24 the navigation is visible, the values are changing, I can’t understand why RC not calibrated errors fly out and is this related to my problem - starting motors?

I am trying to calibrate RC on MAC (catalina) equipment FlySky (BindKey - status ok!) The equipment is new (lies down for a week), I look through the indicators in the program APM Planner -> Mandatory Setup -> Radio Calibration. I don’t understand the rights, the program is missing or the menu z doesn’t work, the indicators flicker on their own even if I don’t control the remote control or the delays are big I don’t understand what the problem is, maybe the program itself is stupid.