RC input to stop motors for Parachute

I am using an autonomous trigger system (via fruity chutes) to trigger release of a parachute on a quadcopter running Arducopter 3.5.5. I am doing this to ensure parachute deployment in the event of loss of power. However, in case something goes wrong in flight while power is still available to the Autopilot, I still want the parachute to deploy. When the parachute deploys, i need the motors to stop to prevent the chute lines from getting tangled or cut by the props. To top it off, I don’t have access to channel AUX I/O 1-6. (my AP is of a custom design and I foolishly disregarded routing those inputs.) I figured I could still some how have a PWM input cause the AP to trigger parachute release / Emergency Motor stop.

Is there a way to trigger parachute release or emergency motor stop via a PWM signal without having access to the AUX I/O?

Good day,
me I’ve redesign a parachute system…, setting different channels for the motor emergency stop and the servo trigger.
Im using mro control zero and mro x2.1-777 as flight controllers … how about you?