RC IN channels ALL zeros -- followed by CRASH!

I noticed while debugging logs that all RC input channels had gone to zero, just before my copter crashed.

As part of trying to debug this, I don’t see a way to MAKE this happen. I expected that turning off my RC TX might do it – but no. In testing, the last RC inputs before I turn off, are held.

One problem that I know existed was the Radio (throttle) failsafe was disabled (set to 0). The copter was ~700 m away, so I understand that “continue in Auto” would seem to be a good choice for the failsafe – and that will be my new setting. However, I want to be sure that was the cause, and setting the failsafe disabled and turning off the TX doesn’t produce zeros for RC IN in the logs!

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Dataflash link below. .tlog attached.
dropbox.com/s/n0byf1pjo0ved … h.zip?dl=0

This was a pixhawk autopilot on a DJI s900 frame.

Sounds like your RC-in cable vibrated loose. That would explain the zeros – no signal

No, rx is still plugged into pixhawk, even after crash that destroyed virtually everything. When I power back up, switching modes on tx shows correctly in MP HUD. Even if I unplug the rx from the pixhawk, I don’t get Rc ins as zeros! This happened in the air, with costly results, but I can’t see how to make it happen on purpose.

pls post your binary log :wink:

binary file (.bin):

dropbox.com/s/oxkfj1y8xvd8c … 0.zip?dl=0