RC-FEEL-RP Error message when connecting to MP

I have a 450 quad with APM 2.5 recently upgraded firmware to 3.1.
Now when I connect to MP I get the following error message ( I have it as a screen print but cannot attach *.doc file extensions to posts?) :

Failed to process RC-FEEL-RP
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at MissionPlanner.GCSViews.ConfigurationView.ConfigSimplePids.ProcessItem(configitem item)
in C:\users\hog\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\ArdupilotMega\Ardupilotmega\GCSViews\ConfigurationView\ConfigSimplePids.cs:line168

I can “OK” out of that and everything appears to work normally in MP

Can anyone tell me what this means and should I be concerned?

Could this be the cause of the problems I am experiencing - the quad was great to fly but since the upgrade has been a b***h. Despite loading the firmware twice and running through the whole setup process (inc compassmot) and autotune each time both loiter and rtl result in a fly away situation.

I should say that I have two hexas and upgraded both to latest firmware without issue, and no mp error message.

Any help appreciated.


I am getting the same error when I try to go into Configuration. Running 3.1.3 and MP 1.3. Did not have this problem until I installed the new FW. Everything seems to operate fine despite the error.

Anybody have a suggestion?

The new FW has absolutely nothing to do with this. It contains nothing but a 7-character bug fix in the flight code.

Mission planner is what is failing here. Try downgrading.