RC Control for APM:Rover?


I know that when the DroidPlanner is connected to an APM:Rover then it shows up as a Rover on the map. But will the RC Control work for Rover? and if so will it also work on STEERING MODE?


RC control is just an Override of your RC controller, so it should behave exactly as the RC controller.

In the new release which is coming (v2) we disabled the RC control, because it could be dangerous on copters because of the latency. We will re-enable it soon, and a rover seams like the idea application for that kind of control.

If you find issues with Rover control please add them here:


Is there any update to adding the virtual joysticks to DroidPlanner v2? I am using DroidPlanner v2 exclusively with a Rover.

Also, can I use an Android compatible wireless (Bluetooth) controller (joystick), such as the MOGA Hero Controller with DroidPlanner v2?

And, if YES, can I map buttons on that controller to work functions such as F-Modes (Manual, Steering, Auto…)?

Thanks for a great application!

Thanks in advance,

Scott K.

I have a rover that I’d like to control from Android phone connected to APM via Bluetooth. I mean something like virtual joysticks. I tried Droidplanner1 and Droidplanner2 but they seem not to support the feature.

Could anyone please point me an Android app that would do that. Thank you.