Rc combat wing controlled via cable not 2.4ghz

Hi everyone!
I have a rc combat wing which has 2 elevons (each working with 1 digital SERVO), is it possible to control these with a digital or analog gimbal (https://www.frsky-rc.com/product/mc12p/)) connected and do the mixing through a flight controller, pixhawk or any board by ardupilot?
All connections from the wing to the gimbal should be via cable (not wireless 2.4ghz)

tasks will be:

  1. elevon mixing (of 2 servos… in future maybe up to 4)
  2. trims for the elevon
  3. exponential movement of the control gimbal

the combat wing will be tested in a wind tunnel due to some factors we want the setup to not be wireless (traditional way of Transmitter to receiver)

hope to get some feedback

would really appreciate any input


No mixing required. Just setup the outputs as elevons.


@Allister thanks, my question is if I can connect a gimbal to the ardupilot and from there to the servos all via cable!? no wireless connections what so ever!?

thank you


You could do a joystick on the GCS: Joystick/Gamepad — Plane documentation and then a USB connection from the GCS to the flight controller. The GCS to the flight controller is typically some kind of serial connection, either via USB or a serial port. There may be limitations on how long the wires can be but in principal it will work.

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thank you @Allister will check it out !!