RC can't work on kakute F7 mini V2

Hello everyone!

I started to learn ardupilot recently. I use the holybro kakute F7 Mini V2 and SBUS / s-fhss protocol receiver. I soldered it on R6 pin according to the document (Holybro Kakute F7 Mini — Copter documentation), and the BRD_ALT_CONFIG=1, but it can’t work.

Please help me analyze the possible situation. Firmware is 4.1.0, param is here:
HlybroHakuteF7_mini_v2_param_2110141339.param (18.2 KB)

PS: it works fine on Betaflight.


Your setup looks right, can you post a link to your receiver?

The product description says that it is a Superlink brand, but I can’t find the official link. The picture is as follows:

The receiver can work fine on BF, with the SBUS protocol.

I also have a TBS nano receiver. I tried to solded it to R6/T6 and set serial6_protocol to crossfire, but also can’t work. :sweat:

Try the nano receiver again but leave serial protocol at 23 - crossfire protocol is only for VTX

still can’t work…

Is the nano set to CRSF RX/TX for those outputs?

Yes, It’s work fine when I flash to BF firmware

It seems strange - I have that setup working perfectly. If I get a chance I will try a nano here on those outputs just to check.

I also think this is a very strange problem. It shouldn’t happen. I’ll try solder nano receiver to R4/T4, maybe R6 not working in my board…

R4/T4 cannot work. but I load the “Plane 4.1.1 Official” firmware to the board, the nano receiver is working fine! :heart_eyes:

And I load the “Copter 4.1.0 Official” firmware to the board, the Nano receiver also working fine now…

I don’t know what happened… But it’s working now… :rofl:

I found another FlySky receiver today, which also works, probably the receiver I first picked wasn’t very good.

Anyway, thank you very much! :+1: