RC Camera Shutter

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to connect my rc camera shutter to my Pixhawk but I am a bit confused.
I followed all the instructions of the ardupilot camera shutter article.
There it says: go to camera gimbal and select an rc number to activate the Pixhawk aux port, as you can see in the image.

The problem is that when I go to Mission Planner, instead of showing me RC8 / RC9 / RC10 … to select, it shows me SERVO6, SERVO7, SERVO8, SERVO9 …

Anyone knows what to do to connect it for example to the RC10 (AUX2 on the Pixhawk) ?
Any help would be great!

I have the same problem.:weary:

Have you solved it? I don’t find anything about this

I’m pretty sure your problem stems from the developers changing parameter names. Arducopter 3.3 (I think) changed param ID RCx to SERVOx but they’re functionally the same. So if older documentation refers to RC8 (for example), the equivalent function on newer versions would be SERVO8. That make sense?

In other words, don’t worry your issue and implement whatever param changes you want using SERVOx as if its’ same thing as RCx.

I have also tried that but it doesn’t work :confused:

Did you set CH7 option to Camera Trigger in Extended Tuning screen ?
Did you tested your shutter release with a servo tester ?

Yes, I set CH7 to camera trigger mode but nothing… My rc shutter works because I tested connecting it directly to the receiver and making it work with the transmitter