RC Calibration of throttle with XBOX Controller

No matter what controls I map from the XBOX One Controller to the Throttles and perform a calibration, the range is always ~1800 to ~1900.

Even when I map same control to Pitch and Throttle, the Pitch calibration lower calibration limit is ~1100 yet for Throttle it is ~1800.

The result is that I am unable to ARM since the throttle are deemed too high.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Here is what the calibration looks when I have mapped throttle and pitch to the same control (right front/back joystick) …

Go in to the full parameter list and change channel 3 min to 1100

Thanks Michael.

All XBOX controllers return to center and therefore for throttles, when I attempt to ARM, I get a message that my throttle is not at minimum.

My throttle calibration results in range of 1100 to 1900 and 1500 when centered.

Is there a way to correct this in MP?


With my game pad I just hold the throttle down and arm. Or am I missing your point? You could disable the arming check for this.

No, you are not missing the point.

I was hoping there was a better solution.

Don’t want to disable arming check in case someone forgets.

I suppose you could set the throttle mid value to 1100 and just use mid stick to max for throttle control. I don’t think it would work well though as there is already a lack of stick travel on these controllers. I think they make poor vehicle controllers, I only use one for the SITL simulator.