RC calibration directions

Could someone please add clear indications to the RC calibration screen of what up/down/left/right actually mean with respect to the sticks/aircraft movement? The current GUI is pretty ambiguous as to what the bar graphs actually correspond to with respect to the inputs.


You should probably state which GCS you are referring to. In APM planner, I believe you get a bar that represents the length of the RC input pulse on that channel. Longer bar–> longer pulse


I did ask about this subject once on the previous discussion group.
Personally I think it would help to standardise things. Unfortunately the conversation didnt get very far.

The current way is to just keep changing channel directions until the outputs do what you want.

For Mission Planner:
Pitch will be reversed to your actions.
Throttle Yaw and Roll will all respond as the same direction you apply your sticks.
Flight mode is on ch5 and should respond progressively as you flip through the modes except when flipping the 2 position switch.
Depending on the craft, Ch6-8 will be POTS (variable resistance knobs) or switches.