Rc calibration confusion, please help

Hi All,

Here is my setup:
flying wing with elevon mixing on tx.
pixhawk with arduplane 3.1.1

For some reason even though I’ve calibrated my rc inputs(trim, min, max rc values) when the plane is in auto mode it is still demanding rc pwm values greater than the rc_max set by the calibration. This is problematic because the greater travel puts more stress on the servos. The travel is intentionally reduced on the tx before I ran the calibration process to reduce binding.

This issue can be observed when I put the plane into auto mode with auto takeoff. The controller demands 1961 pwm out on channel 1 (elevator) while the value for rc1_max is only 1805. Please see picture for clarification.

Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.

After switching to elevon_output instead of elevon mixing on the tx side the elevons are now working as expected.