RC Boats - racing marks

I’ve flown radio controlled airplanes for over 40 years and now race rc sailboats.

On race day we set marks (buoys) on the course with which to race around. We currently throw our marks from shore onto the pond with a string attached so we can pull them back in after racing. Most of the time the course setup leaves a lot to be desired being that it is difficult to get the course perfectly upwind and downwind. The marks are held pretty well in place by a small weight that slides down the string once the mark hits the water.

It would be ideal if we had marks that we could send out (like a Bait Boat) to waypoints. The configuration would be different than a normal boat shape in that our marks are circular. Our idea is to take a normal 2 1/4 inch swimming noodle (actually two of them placed one on top of the other), bend it into a circle, and epoxy the two ends in place. We would then make a platform that would go within this circle that would hold the motor, esc, and other necessary components. Here is where you come in. With the technology today, could the mark be made to go out to the waypoint and stay in place on the water until we wanted to move it again? 2) If this is possible, we would appreciate some direction with putting this together.

yeah, it has been done before. Everything you need is on the wiki.


Peter, thank you for your quick response.

Happy New Year.

I’m not sure if you have your answers already, but there are more discussions regarding rc sailboat marks here: BuoyBots - self position holding buoys for RC sail boat racing