RC Boat: Help choosing over ArduPlane, Boat or Sub!

Hi Community,

I really only have one big question.

Due to budget and design goals I have put together a RC Boat that I would like to have very basic autonomous features. At this point, all I care about is position “HOLD” mode. This boat is being designed to travel in streams and rivers to do bathymetric and discharge surveys. So water currents and wind acting on the hull will always be an issue.

The power-plant design is a Jet-drive propulsion system that can do forward and reverse; and steering is provided by a servo to the jet-outlet. I’m using a Pixhawk controller. GPS and compass are available and mounted far away from interference.

I have been doing research on both ArduRover and ArduSub but having a hard time figuring out which one I should work with or even start with, for that matter.

So, as said; position hold is all that I really care about when it comes to flight modes. I believe the ArduRover has HOLD mode, but I believe that this mode is limited. Will this HOLD mode in ArduRover adapt to current and wind and continue to drive/steer the vehicle to the hold position?
I also was looking at the ArduSub, which does have HOLD and will adapt to current and wind, but as per the illustrations of thruster setup, mine does not really fall under any of them. Looks like steering is provided by proportional throttle in all examples . Of course, I only have one thruster and a servo for steering. Is there a way to have ArduSub do what I need it to do?

What do you folks think?
Any guidance, advice, comments would oh so greatly be appreciated!


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Rover doesn’t do vectored thrusting which is what you need for position HOLD. So Rover definitely won’t do what you want. Sub might but I’ve never tried it.

Thanks, Grant.