RC boat hardware compatibility request

Hi all!

I am a novice at ardupilot, but motivation can compensate for the lack of knowledge. I’ve been wandering hours/days trough the website/forums and youtube. might be i have overlooked the answer?!

But before i make an investment in buying ardupilot hardware I want to be sure that my fairly old onboard hardware is compatible with ardupilot hardware/software. i could not find it in the list of compatible remote control/ receivers

remote control:Futuba F14 40mhz 8 channel PPM?
receiver: FP R118F
esc: Robbe Rofkraft 100µp
rudder servo: Robbe futuba FP-s148

Can somebody confirm that my hardware is compatible for ardupilot? Or point out at the problems that i will be facing?

thanks in advance if anyone can provide me the information for a go/no go…


I’m pretty certain that that will all work with the possible exception of the Robbe Rofkraft 100up ESC. I don’t see any reference to the ESC anywhere on the internet so I’m unsure if it accepts the PWM input that most ESCs support.

Hi sir!

thank you for your quick reply.
I think i will get started with this information.

kind regards!