RC Bind Problem

I trying to bind my Spectrum DX6i with my 9 chanal Satellite reciver… acording to this instruction
pixhawk.org/peripherals/radio-co … ektrum_dsm
But in my QGroundControl / Radio Calibration section i haven’t Bind button.

I use:
Spectrum DX6i Transmitter
Eurgle Spectrum Spread JR DSM2 DSMX Satellite RC Radio Receiver

The sattelite reciver is conected directly to pixhawk, and DX6i is compatable with this reciver.

Pleace help me to sove this problem.

Hope this might help… You will need a compatible Spektrum receiver with a remote port to “bind” the remote receiver to the Spektrum transmitter…Once the device is bound, you can just use the remote receiver alone

I know this, but i haven’t main reciver for this sattelite reciver. Tha main idea is to bind my satellite reciver without using main reciver.

Lucky Me won a scratch build 450quad
Problem receiver out put ok but no out put from ArduFlyer red light flashing
Motors won’t run
Can’t calibrate controls
Would appreciate help I’m Kms from no where
No mentors to help me