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RC Bait Boat for fishing

(nico) #1

I need some assistance with the steering of my boat. The boat is weaving (Moving like a snake in the water) in RTL and Auto. I played around with the following settings NAVL1_DAMPING: 0.75 0.61.0 and NAVL1_PERIOD: 20 s 1 60 but to no avail.

Products used:
FC: APM 2.6
Receiver: TBS Crossfire full version
Remote: FrSky X9D Plus

(David Boulanger) #2

Can you post a flash log?

(nico) #3

Hi David,
Very difficult for me to add the logs, I am working on a Mac.

I quickly went through some of the older threads and could see that most people made their steering adjustments on the “Basic Tuning” screen where they have changed the “Steering Rate PID” settings. After that, they would go to the “Full Parameter List” and make a minor adjustment to “NAVL1_PERIOD” & “NAVL1_DAMPING”

One last question, what does ATC_STR_RAT_FF stands for and where do I find them, will I also find them in the “Full Parameter List”?

(David Boulanger) #4

You say you are using an APM 2.6. What version of the code do you have loaded? I don’t remember if the ATC_STR_RAT_FF even existed back with codes that can be used on that controller.

(nico) #5

If I understand it correctly the last version I’ve got was 1.3.58 build v2.5, I know there are no more updates for APM 2.6 but for what I want to use it I don’t need more.

I just need to sort out the steering issue, and understand some of these abbreviations.

(David Boulanger) #6

I mean what AR or Ardurover code are you using. I really can’t help without a flash log. Cant you pull out the SD card and put the flash log in the cloud somewhere so it can be seen. Google drive, dropbox, one drive.

(David Boulanger) #7

Are you using Rover 2.5?

(nico) #8

I will do that when I am home again, out for the week. Thx for you willingness to assist David.

(David Boulanger) #9

I used 2.5 on an APM 2.5 for a period of time before upgrading to Pixhawk. I just need more information from you to help if I can,

(nico) #10

Hi David,

Happy New Year.

I just wanted to let you know that the steering issue I had was sorted, but I have decided to fit the Pixhawk into my boat and a stronger motor.