Raw/Press Temp format

I am trying to understand the values for raw/press temp when looking at tlogs. In mission planner under status the temp is listed as four numbers. There is no decimal point. I understand it is in centigrade. At this point I am guessing where to put the decimal point based on what I believe the temp should be. As an example, yesterday when I flew it was approx 40F. The raw temp was 4298. I assume it was 4.298 C which is roughly 40F. I looked at another log from Sept and it showed a temp of 3397. It definitely was not 3.3 C in Sept where I live. But it is possible that it could have been 33.97 C. Am I looking at this correctly? Is there a way that know what the temp is without guessing where the decimal point should be.


You know that those temps are at the chip level, not environment temp, so both values can be correct, 42.98 C and 33.97 C