Rate yaw I gain

Does anyone know why I can’t adjust the I gain for rate yaw on pixhawk running copter 3.3? I can type a value but once I hit enter it just reverts and I can’t save my new numbers to pixhawk… I’ve got all my gains dialed in perfectly except I’ve got a small bounce in the yaw I can’t get rid of with P and D gain settings… I need I to get this bounce tuned out. I even get this yaw bounce while flying in windy conditions the worst… Other than this tiny yaw bounce driving me nuts, I’ve got the copter flying like its on rails! Lol…

I had the same type of bounce in roll and pitch too but increasing I eliminated it, so I’m pretty sure if I was able to adjust the I gain for rate yaw I would be golden!

Anyone please give me assistance,min going cray trying to tune this out! Lol