Rate trimming

I currently using Dual rate on my 9xr to “calm things down”… rate 70-80% on most channels.

Are there any parameters I can set to calm to quad down? insted of using the TX?

RC trim, RC Max?

As it is the quad is way too sensitive unless I dial in with the TX.

Thanks in anticipation.


Which mode do you want to calm down? You can out Pitch_Max and Roll_Max to change the maximum lean angles, that would help. In Acro, you have Acro_RP_P that changes the angle rates.

But if you mean that the aircraft is simply too “sharp”, then you should have a look at this:

diydrones.com/forum/topics/after … 4#comments

I normally fly ALT hold… what adjustments do you think I need to make.

I’m still not clear on exactly what problem you are trying to solve.