Rate my vibration

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So it looks like ive solved my vibration issues on the X and Z axis.

Do I need to do something about the Y axis befire attempting autotune or are those vibrations acceptable?

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The vibrations are acceptable, but there are a number of things to do before doing autotune.

And they are described step-by-step in detail here:

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Thank you… I am following a video by Andy for the Autotune but also looking at that post

Just had a look at your post with regards to the systematic tuning guide. Will the blheli settings work for a 500 quad with 520 kB motors.

Also. Why is the the rampnup power at 80 percen?

Yes - BLHELI32 ESCs are great even with large/lowKV motors. DSHOT is the way to go!
I use these BLHELI settings in the ESCs:

  • Low RPM Power Protect = OFF
  • Low Voltage Protection = OFF (rely on the flight controller battery settings)
  • Temperature Protection = 90
  • Motor Timing = Auto

Rampup power can be at default level, lower it if you have a problem with long landing gear and yaw oscillations when arming.
Plus I use Sine mode, which most people seem not to, but I’ve never had an issue.

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What does sine mode do?

According to the documentation:

Sine modulation mode can give a few percent more efficient running, as well as smoother

…and there is more detail given.

ah ok well lets turn that on then :slight_smile: