Rate I_MAX way too high?!

Did something change in the 3.1 or is this due to some bug/glitch after upgrading or with the auto tune I just did?

When I read correctly within some other threads the I_MAX should be 5 5 8 4 instead, right?

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The range of the IMAX parameter is 0-4500. The default value is 500. The mission planner sometimes does unit conversions - it may change 500.0 to 5.0. It doesn’t do that on the “full parameter list” tab, so take a look there. You may want to increase it if you have an off-balance copter that has a persistent lean.

Of note:
IMAX limits the size of the “trim” value that the copter learns. The unit of IMAX is “centidegrees,” but that is arbitrary - it is a product of the internals of the RC library in ardupilot. 500 means that the integrator can use about 11% throttle differential to trim the copter.

Please check in the full parameter list that the value is indeed 500, then mark this post solved. Thanks.

In the full parameter list it is indeed set to the same values. So I understand that’s correct and it’s just the UI conversion which may have changed.

Thanks for the clarification!