RaspberryPi 5 Mission Planner

Hi, I just got my first raspberryPi 5 (rpi5) :grinning:
Eager to try run mission planner on it.
Anyone got it to run on rpi5?
I have a blank unit and can choose any OS etc that fits best.
What’s your experience?

Are you kidding? As of yesterday none of my normal vendors even listed the RPI5 as available. (They do now, I just looked again :man_facepalming:)

I’ll be following this thread to see how it goes. Keep us posted on what you learn.

Hi Allister,
Haha, no I am not kidding.
I got mine some weeks ago. I live in Beijing. However I also saw they are available in Stockholm now. You in US?
Just use it as a web TV now, it’s much faster than the rpi4.
Not sure I should try the mission planner install guide for rpi4 for this unit, feel it could limit the use.

Hello, With all your experience with mission planner, What do you think would be the best OS for the rpi5?
I intend to use it only as a rugged GCS running mission planner when I to go to the field/beach/mountains.

I got it running on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS very simply. I followed the instructions with a couple twists

I installed mono using debian instructions

installed libdl.so
sudo apt-get install libc6-dev

I downloaded, extracted and ran
mono MissionPlanner.exe



What is the ultimate outcome you hope to achieve on using it?

Something like this

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Oh, is it going to be better than a mobile tablet + Telemetry Radio?
We retrofit a traditional RC becomes a Smart RC.

I learned that this only works with a specific version of pi os, most recent does not work you need the October version. I updated my os and it all stopped working.

Did you do that on a rpi5?

Yup, raspberry pi 5 8gb

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