Raspberry Pi Zero W

Has anyone used the raspberry pi zero “w” with the erle robotics pfxmini? The “W” denotes that the board has wifi. Does this change any procedures?
I am totally new to ardupilot and this form of aircraft control, but I am experienced with r/c planes.

I have not used the Raspberry Pi Zero W with pfxmini, but I have used it in a number of other applications. The W should not impact anything (other than not making you add on a WiFi dongle to the board!).


Are you running APsync on the Pi Zero ?

No, I am not running APsync.

Is it a custom script with pymvlink or something?

If it is possible to share info about your setup, that’d be great!


I think that I may have accidentally misled you. While I have a Raspberry Pi and Navio2 running ardupilot, the Pi Zero is being used for an entirely different project, I am using it for running sensors and actuators for a hydroponic plant environment chamber.
Other than the amount of memory and chip power, the software and capabilities for the Zero are the same as the regular Pi and I have been able to interchange them in almost all situations.
For communications, I am using a SiK radio between the Pi USB and either my PC or Android phone.

Oh , I see.

I was indeed confused ! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, Thanks and have a nice day!