Raspberry Pi SSH access

I have a Raspberry Pi on my drone and I want to access terminal of the raspberry pi to be able to run some scripts on pi. Is there a way to do it from mission planner or radio controller or any other way?

there are many ways to do so, As wifi range is too small… what you can do is you can use some kind of service like Zerotier if you are willing to do the stuff over internet, but for the same you have to put a wifi dongle/ 4g Dongle/ any other 4g hat like WAVESHARE SIM7600. And then by using a VPN service like Zerotier you would be able to get access to that pi and run whatever you want or you can use mavproxy to have total control on your drone from your ground station over 4G network.

I wonder if instead you could just use something like a Sik telemetry radio and have a straight serial console? I may be mistaken but it seems they are just transferring serial data and not tied to a specific protocol. May be rather laggy though if you are manually typing commands.

I have a telemetry radio to get the sensor datas by ground station computer on Mission Planner. But I wonder If I send commands to raspberry pi via that connection.