Raspberry Pi Pixhawk

Good Afternoon, I want to know how to generate PPM signals from Raspberry pi to the RC input in replace of the RC receiver to control the rover?

This could theoretically work but will be very hard work.

I would implement a Mavlink interface between RPi and your rover running over a serial connection. Python Dronekit may do what you want.

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okay i will take a look into,

Thank you for your response , greatly appreciate it

You can connect to pixhawk from raspberry pi using a serial connection.
Use dronekit to connect to the vehicle and send PWM overrides to the autopilot.
Please look at the links.

Not sure how much patience you’ve got.

Mission planner works pretty well on a raspberry pi. And rumours have it, that joystick support might come to the raspberry any time soon.

That would be the simplest option.