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Raspberry pi on 4G connection


I got this “crazy” idea of building a rover/car that i can remote control

since i have ludicrous amounts of data on my phone (~30gb) i thought of getting an extra sim card and a 4g dongle for a raspberry pi and have it “phone home” and show up as a device on the network like any other pc

it has to phone home as it will not get a public accessible ip, but it will be able to access the internet just fine

have anyone done this before or am i the first one with this idea and problem (ie has to phone home)

You can install zerotier on the raspberry and any other computer/smartphone involved. You will then be able to access your rover with a private IP address as long as it has internet connection. I use it for my rover and I drove it while it was connected to public hotspots or via mobile internet.

problem is that in my case of my ISP(also phone company) i will not be able to contact the rover, the rover has to contact me

i guess they do it in that way to they can sell a fully open connection at high cost

but i’m currently looking at pivpn, just need to figure of the pi in the rover can be set to automatic connect to the pi at home

but it do look possible so far

hmmm zerotier seems to be a lot more simple

will look more in to it, and as i understand its free? not going to use it much

This is working very well

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but no so free as the other options :smiley:

It was like 59 dollars or so for three years I think. Its turn key

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well i figured how to setup pivpn and have tested it with my phone and a laptop

now i need to figure how to make a vpn connection open autoamtic when pi has a internet connection

it might be the zerotier is more smart when it comes to this, but its always nice to have 2 options (old habbit)

I have small portable router (kinda a modem with sim thats create a wifi hotspot), so I can use zero tier and to connect to my laptop and the pi, Now I can use the telementry to control the apm 2.8 controller via my laptop over internet?

Hello, does the control project experience a large delay?

I recently switched from Zerotier to Tailscale, because Zerotier stopped working for me.
For both solutions the latency depends on the connection quality/bandwidth. If I have good LTE reception on the rover side, there is almost no latency in the 640x480 video at 1000kb/s encoding. If the connection quality gets poorer, the video and or the control might hang for a short time, but it recovers most of the time.

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