Raspberry pi is not getting connected to telemetry port 1 telemetry 2 port is getting connected

Hello everyone,

Currently I am using telemetry 2 for Raspberry pi 4 for precision landing.
I also wanted to run mavproxy command to control the Drone over 4G LTE. For that I have to use one more raspberry pi and to be connected to telemetry 1.

Kindly the provide the solution.


There’s a list of solutions on the wiki: Companion Computers — Dev documentation


You can do both with the same CC as Landing_Target is just a MavLink command like others.
In order to achieve that, you must run mavproxy to connect the CC to FC over SERIAL and merge the 2 sources : GCS_over_4G LTE and Precision_Landing_Script through localhost UDP ( having each sources using a different port , generally 14550 & 14560

I am controlling drone over 4G LTE on different network. Not on the same network.
I am using zero-tier for connecting mission planner on different network.

In this case is it possible? To run both the code at same time on CC?

I think a Pi 4 can run both Precision_Landing and gateway to zero-tier… you can try and report :wink:

Okay thanks will try and update you

Has anyone tried using a pico? Adafruit sells them for like $5.00. They’re tiny.